An Online Network of User-Generated Content That Women Can Call Their Own

rgmkate.jpgMediabistro interviews Kate Everett Thorp, chief executive officer of Real Girls Media (RGM), on what it took to build a user-generated content network for women. In a word, a bold vision (along with a bold request for a bold amount of financing).

Thorp, a featured speaker at’s upcoming UGCX conference, discusses with freelancer Andrea Hammer why she chose to start a content network targeting women as well as her philosophy behind creating a vibrant online community. An excerpt:

Could you elaborate on the decision not to focus on men?

Publications and brands need to have a focus. Gender is one of those top demographic things you check off as to what need you want to fulfill and for whom. For us, we felt that women have a lot to say and didn’t have a clear-cut venue to provide that online. Those peoples’ voices as well as the power bloggers deserved a place to come to both read and absorb information as well as have the opportunity to share on an equal level.

Thorp says 70 percent of the content for RGM’s flagship site, DivineCaroline, comes from users, with 30 percent written by professional writers.

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