An iPhone, Electric Guitar, & $30 Can Add Up to a Lot of Fun: Griffin GuitarConnect Cable

Video courtesy of therealgriffintech
OK, folks, you can forget Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and various air guitar apps. Instead, check out the video embedded above. Then, grab your iPhone, a real electric guitar (instead of a game control), the free iShred Live iPhone app, and the $29.99 Griffen GuitarConnect Cable. Now, this is real musical fun.
Griffin GuitarConnect Cable
iShred LIVE for iPhone
Griffin hardware side of the product is a cable with a quarter-inch plug for the guitar (or keyboard) side and a 1/8th inch female connector on the other of the cable. It looks like a male-to-male 1/8th inch cable is needed to get to the iPhone and iShred LIVE. This gives your electric guitar a bunch of effects boxes as well as a string tuner. That sounds like a lot of fun for $30 to me. Now, if I could only remember where my ancient electric guitar is…