An iPhone App Most of Us Will Never See: Raytheon One Force Tracker

Image courtesy of Raytheon

There are all kinds of interesting iPhone apps that most of us will never see. The New York Times’ Roy Furchgott reported on one such vertical app in…

The iPhone Goes to War

It reports on a Raytheon app named “One Force Tracker” announced this week at the 2009 Intelligence Warfighting Summit. This app tracks friends and foes in real time in, shall we say, challenging situations.

Raytheon’s press release…

Raytheon to Bring Powerful Mobile Apps to Military and Government Users

…describes an larger scope goal that delivers…

Solutions specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch that can be used in military, tactical intelligence, law enforcement, and public safety environments where access to live, real-time information is essential. Among the offerings envisioned: A new situational awareness application based on military messaging standards that provides multimedia access, audio and textual points of interest, free text messaging, collaborative planning, spot reports, and call for emergency or fire.