An Introduction to Tweetups and Tweetvites

You’ve probably seen the terms “Tweetup” and “Tweetvite” bandied about on Twitter, but what the heck are they? Here’s a quick guide to get you working it like a pro:

Tweetups are a way to meet Twitter friends and acquaintances in real life in a real place. It can be for social or business reasons or both. It is a way to bring networking offline, face to face.  Here is an example from the Twitter blog.

Say you want to bring like-minded people together for an upcoming event – June is National Iced Tea Month, for example, and you want to swap stories and recipes.

Okay, now you have your event – Nancy’s Iced Tea Tasting.

Next, you need to pick a meeting place. It should be somewhere casual – in other words, a bar or café instead of a boardroom or hotel suite – and centrally-located so that it’s easy for people to get to. Be sure to make reservations (Since Tweetups are being more popular, some restaurants are offering to sponsor or host events. Call to find out if places around your area do).

Meeting Place – Grossman’s Tea Room, 123 Oriole Street

Great! Now you want to spread the word. You could just tweet about it through your Twitter account, like you would about other news, but there are easier ways to do it:

Tweetvite is a fantastic site that not only allows you to create your tweetup and send out invites, but it keeps it all organized for you. Essentially, it’s like having your own event planner. And the best part – you don’t need to register, you can customize the look of your invites , including adding photos and videos (!) and you can also find local tweetups to join, extending your already awesome network of peeps/tweeps.

Twtvite is another good one. They offer free and paid plans, so if you want to get new member notifications or post an event survey, you can pay to use those options.

There are some things to keep in mind, whatever method you choose:

– Be sure to give lots of notice and mention it often. Not every reads their feed at the same time, so you want to be sure your message is getting seen.

– Be specific. Offer as much information as you can. Tell people if there is a cover charge, dress code or anything else that they need to know.

– Since you’re the host, treat this as your own party. Bring name tags if you like (get people to write out their real name as well as Twitter handle – these TweetStickers are cute ) and introduce people.

– There is no limit to the types of events you can host. Do something involving your community, support a local charity or get together to learn more about social media.

– Take pictures and post them during or after your event. It will give people an idea of what it’s like and perhaps come out to your next event!

– Tweet about your event while you’re there.

– Be sure to thank everyone for coming out after the event and stay in touch. These connections that you make are invaluable, whether it’s a possible business venture or just friendships.

– Have a good time!

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