An Interview With Mr. T-Shirts Himself

We like to talk up the Midwest as much as possible, because it doesn’t always get the street cred it deserves, and, plus, since this writer decided to move here, away from near one of those cred-eating coasts, he likes to prove to others that his decision was sound. And what better way to demonstrate than with an interview with Jake Nickell, one of the founders of Threadless, the little side-project t-shirt company that suddenly became a big-big deal nearly overnight. If you don’t know their story, it’s a great introduction. Here’s some:

I wouldn’t say we have faced faliure but we have run into some roadblocks. Jacob and I have no business experience. We’re both college dropouts that came up with a cool idea. We’ve never had a problem attracting large audiences of people ready to design and vote on tees, but we have had problems in handling that growth as far as order fulfillment, HR, all that good stuff. I’d say we’ve done a fairly good job so far and love the problem solving of issues like how to properly run a warehouse.