An Important Editor’s Note

We received the following email this week:

The picture of me on your hottest media types page as the “mystery” editor, taken at a bodybuilding contest, uses a photograph by J.M. Manion, a professional photographer, and one of the top bodybuilding photographers in the country. Below is a statement from his website:

Notice of Copyright
It is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without the photographer’s permission, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its criminal and civil penalties.

I am contacting Mr. Manion, and I also am considering action. Everyone else in your feature is dressed appropriately. While I am indeed proud of my physique, the use of this photo on your website is mean-spirited at best.

Take the photo off your site immediately.

Geoffrey Etnyre,
Assistant Managing Editor
The Washington Times

Just to clarify, in case anyone was concerned that we had violated copyright laws in this instance, please note that neither this photo (large version now removed) nor this photo were published on our site. We respected the copyright by linking to it in its original location. And please note that we never identified which editor was the subject of the photo.

> In a follow-up exchange, the letter writer also objected to the photos being displayed “out of context.” Here’s the full gallery of pictures from Bodyrock’s 2005 Bodybuilding Championships. To be completely clear on the context, these photos appear on the third page.