An ‘Ideas’ Bonanza!


We haven’t check in with our pals over at Ideas on Ideas in a little while, which is a very sad thing. Fortunately, we were kicked out of our dull and dreary complacency with a note from Eric over at the site, telling us that they’ve recently put up three new posts, chock full of things to think about, room for comments and well-thought advice, per their usual high standards. Here’s the synopsis he sent over:

Five-Minute Celebrities: We’re taking a brief look at the emergence of personal broadcasting and how some of us are using it to build recognition. Additionally, we ask a couple of questions about what it all adds up to.

How to disarm 10 difficult client observations / requests: “Can you make the text bigger?”, “I’ll know what I like when I see it”, “I love beige; can we get more beige in this?” and seven other potential answers to not so easy questions and critiques.

It’s not them; it’s us (sometimes):
We all love to criticize clients for making bad calls, but what happens when we start to take a little of the blame? At smashLAB, we did just this, and I think we’re better-off for having done so.