An Honest Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter, let me count the ways I love and loathe you, but first, this brilliant, honest video that expresses how everyone feels. It’s made by comedians Alyssa Onofreo and Kyle Vorbach, otherwise known as No Idea, Random Person and Unimportant, Second Person, respectively.

Watch this video if you’ve ever donated to a product that’s never delivered on its promises, been harassed by friends to donate to projects you don’t actually like, or if you have made your own Kickstarter projects asking others for money, because we all know it’s really hard to do so.

Please note, from the makers of the video: This video is a joke/parody! We think Kickstarter is great. I have used it for my own projects and donated to many successful projects that I was proud to be a part of. That said, there are lots of lame projects that never get completed and it’s okay to laugh about it.