“An Expanded Foreign Affairs Team”

From the Post:

    We have two exciting announcements about National’s foreign affairs team that we hope will deepen and broaden our coverage of this key moment in U.S. foreign policy.

    Associate Editor Karen DeYoung will join our national security/foreign affairs team as senior diplomatic correspondent, working alongside our State Department team of Robin Wright and Glenn Kessler. Karen, a longtime editor and award-winning foreign correspondent for The Post, is author of a definitive new biography of former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

    As we restructure our reporting about Washington’s interaction with the world, Robin will be expanding her already broad reach as a State Department correspondent to the Web as part of our efforts to reach across many platforms with our journalism. While continuing to write her trademark scoops and breaking news for the paper, Robin will look for new opportunities – in video and audio as well as writing – to take her deep knowledge, long experience and breadth of sources about U.S. foreign policy to The Post’s web site. Robin, currently at work on a new book about the Middle East due out later this year, is an accomplished foreign correspondent, National Magazine Award winner and author of numerous books on foreign affairs.

    We hope Robin’s exciting venture will be a model for the future direction of our journalism, as we experiment with the new possibilities afforded by the web and move aggressively to break news and provide distinctive information and analysis online.

Some people wondered if this represented some sort of demotion for Wright (it’s that whole “the web is less prestigious than the print edition” thing), but every Postie we’ve consulted thus far doesn’t see it that way. Related question: Will this open up more print space for DeYoung and Rajiv Chandrasekaran?

Some Postie thoughts:

“I think the Robin thing is a very smart thing. She is marquee name in national security with an international reputation. Why shouldn’t she be on the Web? She does a lot of TV, she does a lot of radio. It’s really smart to have her on the Web.”

“This is part of a broad strategy to take more of a hold on the Web…This uses her brand and reputation to build our national security presence online.”

“It’s a grand mix and an incredible opportunity,” Wright tells FishbowlDC.

(And who knew Robin had a website?)