An Era of Stefan Sagmeister Copies?

Just a little while back, we’d noticed a copy of the July issue of Esquire, which featured model Bar Refaeli, nude, with handwritten type all over her. “Quickie Stefan Sagmeister rip-off,” we thought, as we usually do when we see this sort of copy of his two most famous handwriting-on-body pieces. It’s what we thought even more recently when we ran across this new campaign for the breast cancer awareness magazine Pink Ribbon. We would have moved passed it, as we usually do, but then we ran across this post over at Peachfuzz about TBWA/Chiat/Day‘s newish ad for Absolut:

Totally “Things I Have Learned…” right? We might be a little late to have seen this spot, but given all the other places we’re seeing his work in, we think it’s worth asking if we are now in what would be considered a wider movement to rehash old Sagmeister ideas? If so, why now? What’s in our collective consciousness that’s making us do the things like those linked above or stuff like the clearly-referential, much passed around tattooed Swedish magazine? Has this always been going on and we just haven’t noticed? Or is this all just a case of laziness? As Peachfuzz puts it: “If you’re going to be a hack, at least cover your tracks by not picking the guy every clueless first semester design student lists as his favorite designer.”