A Desperado Absconded With Journalist’s Eagles Softball Souvenir

On May 7, 1978, the final score was Eagles 15, Rolling Stone 8.

In the wake of Glenn Frey’s death, a number of folks on social media have been re-sharing “Hell Is for Heroes,” Charles M. Young’s 1979 Rolling Stone cover story on the Eagles.

A year before, on May 17, 1978, there was a famous softball game, sparked by a Young RS Random Note and played at UCLA. On one side were the Eagles; on the other, staff from Rolling Stone. As Young revealed in a revisit of all this in 2012, he no longer had from the contest a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame-worthy souvenir:

“I remember the game went much faster than I thought it would. A seven-inning softball game doesn’t take that long to play. You know, one of the things in Random Notes was Henley said something to the effect of, “Remember Charlie, I’m pitching and I don’t like you.” Like he was going to take my head off in slo- pitch softball. [laughs]”

“The Eagles won. I thought they were very gracious as winners. They sent me an autographed softball, and mine got stolen. The one time in my life I’ve been burgled, that’s the one thing of value that they took.”

In the same revisit interview, Young also recalled what happened when 28 years after the 1979 cover story, he encountered Don Henley backstage at a 2010 Jerry Lee Lewis concert. Young passed away in 2014.

The final score of the May 7, 1978 game was Eagles 15, Rolling Stone 8. On the fan BBS The Border, there’s a thread with more information about the contest. If this particular strand is true, it’s just one more reminder that everything was better in the 1970s:

According to Glenn and Don, they [Rolling Stone] tried to kidnap Glenn’s cat Charlie, but apparently came away with only scratches! I believe Glenn said something like “Never try to kidnap a cat with the same name as you” (referring to writer Charlie Young.) Young et al did admit to sneaking to Glenn’s home and leaving a note threatening his cat on the door three nights before the game, but have never admitted to an actual abduction attempt.This note was left alongside others that declared the Eagles to be “sissies.”