An Elderly Woman Learns to Love UnBeige For the Last Time


If you were halfway through your ninth episode of the Dick Van Dyke vehicle “Diagnosis Murder” yesterday, anxiously awaiting the TV movie Our House which is about a suicidal widower who befriends a homeless woman who teaches her how to love life again, you were probably thinking exactly what we were thinking: “When is the Hallmark Channel going to update its brand?” Well, our fellow kleenex-surrounded hermits, that time is now, as the channel’s owner, Sparrowhawk Media (which has a very ugly website) has announced that they’ve hired London-based Bruce Dunlop & Associates (which has a very ugly website) to re-brand the network (which has a very ugly website). Here’s what we read:

The new on-air look marks the channel’s first rebrand in five years and coincides with the first anniversary of Sparrowhawk Media, chaired by David Elstein, buying the international versions of the Hallmark Channel, including that for the UK. The Hallmark brief was to create idents that reflect the many moods of drama shown on the channel, which features such programmes as ‘Law & Order’, ‘Judging Amy’ and ‘Monk’. Andy Clyde, BDA creative director, said: “We took the idea of drama but tried to approach it from a figurative and emotional standpoint.” As such, BDA shot a series of highly emotive landscapes, starting on the South Coast of England and ending up in the Highlands of Scotland.