An Australian Who Likes Fat Wallets


Here’s an interesting interview by Design Interact with Tim O’Neill, a co-founder of the Austrailian-based web design firm, Reacitve Media. A lot of “what’s your favorite color?” kind of questions, but it’s good to read that kind of stuff from time to time, to see where the youngsters are coming from and what they do best. It’s also got some info at the beginning about what he sees in big budget web design (in this case, for Mercedes) — stuff, unless you’re in web design yourself, you might not always pay attention to. Here’s a bit from that:

As a true rich-media experience, that’s tough to beat. The site contains a massive amount of content including more than fourteen video mini-documentary interviews with a range of people: from those involved in the design of the car, to interior designers and ballet choreographers. In addition, the overall navigation design and experience is exceptional, with fantastic attention to detail in both the interface and interaction design. And even the loading screens have good copywriting.