An Anatomy of a Great Twitter Campaign: Radio Shack’s #ifihadsuperpowers Promoted Trend

Many businesses are still trying to get the hang of Promoted Tweets and Trends, but some are already well ahead of the rest of class. Radio Shack’s #ifihadsuperpowers Promoted Trend campaign ran yesterday, and it featured high levels of engagement, interaction, brand awareness and a fun, viral element. We’ll take a look at this campaign below.

The Campaign

Radio Shack ran the #ifihadsuperpowers campaign December 9, 2010. They announced it via a tweet on their @RadioShack Twitter account. This tweet was then Promoted.

Anyone who participated in the campaign had the chance to win one of several prizes. Users just had to follow @RadioShack, and upload a photo of themselves with their hand outstretched like the thumbnail above. They then were supposed to tweet this photo on Twitpic, along with what they would do if they had super powers, using the #ifihadsuperpowers hashtag.

Radio Shack spent the day yesterday responding to each and every tweet with the #ifihadsuperpowers hashtag, adding a mask and cape and transforming the Twitpic photos into Holiday Superheroes.

They also randomly selected a handful of winners that would receive a prize. Some of the prizes included and e-reader, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an AUVIO Portable Digital TV, aGarmin GPS and Radio Shack gift certificates.

The Results

Hundreds upon hundreds of people entered this contest. While no official numbers have been released, the Radio Shack Twitter account is still updating the photos for those they didn’t get to yesterday while the contest was running as of 1PM EST today.

Several people won prizes of varying value, which was likely the biggest draw to this event in the first place.

Why So Great?

This campaign was fun and lighthearted, while maintaining a consistent brand appeal in each and every tweet.

Take a look at the “Superhero-ized” photo below:

Hundreds and possibly thousands of people submitted similar photos to get Radio Shack to put them in a cape and mask. This level of engagement could only happen if there was something inherently fun and worthwhile about the campaign. Tying a little bit of fun photoshopping into a contest with prizes was the secret formula for Radio Shack’s promotion.

Running a campaign like this on Twitter really does need the wide reach that Promoted Trends and Tweets gives to businesses. If a brand were to target only their current followers, they would be unlikely to gain any new customers or brand awareness. However, by expanding the potential audience and reaching out to those who aren’t currently following their Twitter account, Radio Shack was able to engage a wide range of Twitter users.

Each tweet from Radio Shack included a link to the contestant’s Superhero Tweetpic, as well as whether or not they won the contest. The company also included “Find all your super gifts @RadioShack” at the end of each tweet – an insightful addition of branding.

And it’s interesting to note that #ifihadsuperpowers is still a trending topic on Twitter – one on which Interscope Records has jumped and purchased their own Promoted Tweet.