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A little while back, we posted this bit about Alice Rawsthorn leaving London’s Design Museum and its soon-to-be renovations (the museum’s, not Alice’s — though she has the time now, so why not?). Now we return from wence we came to some more info about what’s been going on with this place. It’s an interesting look to see what goes on behind the scenes at the top of an organization of this size and this well known. If anything, it proves that any stereotype you’ve ever heard, or parody of art-folk you’ve ever seen, is probably spot-on. But it also shows the business side, in which the pretention comes off and the gloves come on. Any way you read it, it’s interesting. Here’s a fun bit about Rawsthorn making people mad (it happens repeatedly):

Rawsthorn, in contrast, a noted fashion aficionado, put on a show of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Snipers cattily remarked that most of them could have come from her own collection. Then she famously decided to mount an exhibition of the 1950s flower arranger Constance Spry, clearing out much of the museum’s historic collection to do so. Was that design? It was the last straw for Dyson, which is why he left.