An All Music Channel?

Here’s a follow-up to the news we recently reported that Jay Winter Nightwolf, an 89.3 FM program host, is helping create a new DC-based Native American television channel: His one-hour self-proclaimed “most dangerous show on radio” this week featured almost 20 minutes of music. Cultural offerings are nice, of course, but insiders say that the same musical interludes get overplayed week in and week out because the host is sometimes late to the studio — at least once arriving several minutes after the show began, leaving his guests much perplexed. This week, he mistakenly called all three of his guests Michael, even though only one Michael was in studio. One of the non-Michaels called him out on the air regarding his repeated error.

Randy Flood, who directs the NATV project and hired Nightwolf, did not respond to requests for comment on Nightwolf’s work progress thus far involving the new TV endeavor. Nightwolf’s NATV bio, however, provides some insight: “Receiving an overwhelming amount of e-mails from all over Indian Country, America, Europe and Australia, Nightwolf literally interviews guests from all over the world.” Literally, huh? And lots of e-mails, too! Get this man a television program, ASAP.