An Ad-Tech Firm and a Survey Player Want to Improve Programmatic Buying by Pre-Screening Audiences

Could be useful for the 2018 midterm elections

Will a DMP and a survey company crack the code? Getty Images
Headshot of Christopher Heine

Can consumer surveys help programmatic advertisers better understand the audience that they buy before actually spending any money? Lotame and Survata think so, as the two digital companies today are announcing a partnership to create what they are calling a segment validation product.

Here’s how it theoretically works: Lotame, a data management platform (DMP) for advertisers, will supply more than 8 billion data points to which Survata will ping back against and survey an actual audience. The brand client will then independently target the right participants with ads.

In effect, they are offering a pre-screened audience for the marketer. Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas is set to test the system in the coming weeks, though other details are scant. However, one could imagine political marketers interested in the 2018 midterm elections giving the program a go in order to improve their fundraising-based digital advertising.

Chris Kelly, Survata CEO, said that while brands will likely always be the primary focus, “this could indeed be used for political audiences, too.”

“This enables our clients to automatically verify third-party data validity as part of their data strategy,” added Andy Monfried, founder and CEO at Lotame. “Working with Survata is the next step in facilitating market research to reach new heights, and frankly deliver on the promise of ‘real-time’ actionable insights through the use of enhanced data.”

Laura Lewellyn, senior director of marketing innovation at New York-based Lotame, suggested the two companies could develop their own ratings currency. “Clients can easily add more first-party research data to their data library and put it to action for their marketing plans,” she said, “in essence extending DMP functionality to become a research and planning tool.”

Due to brand safety issues in recent months and years of fraud problems via programmatic, every digital ad player worth his or her salt is trying to create solutions for such headaches. Lotame and Survata will now test the marketplace with their take on transparency that’s meant to appeal to ad buyers.

“This is a game-changer for programmatic media buyers—they can finally have full confidence the audiences they are targeting contain the right people,” Kelly said.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.