Amy Winehouse, Jesus, Dior, Domo, “Captain America,” and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Popular musicians composed about half of our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages by Likes this week. Topping the list was the recently departed Amy Winehouse, although other pop musicians also made the list. Then there was a bunch of movie and TV show Pages, a few big brands, Jesus, Snapfish and cereal.

Most of the Pages are list regulars in categories like music and media, requiring between 190,300 and 649,400 Likes to make the list this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a Page each week.

1.  Amy Winehouse2,824,662+649,428+30%
2.  Special K462,976+462,976+0.0%
3.  Nicki Minaj12,125,807+416,398+4%
4.  Jesus Daily7,613,180+414,841+6%
5.  Dior4,358,483+405,517+10%
6.  Titanic12,272,585+382,572+3%
7.  The Bad Girls Club3,493,769+359,674+11%
8.  Beşiktaş341,384+341,384+0.0%
9.  Domo338,405+338,405+0.0%
10.  Kesha15,630,328+303,903+2%
11.  Captain America969,959+297,608+44%
12. Sagopa Kajmer, En Anlamlı Söz Yazan Rap’ci Diyenler …246,554+246,554+0.0%
13.  Bruno Mars10,076,700+244,363+2%
14.  Chris Brown13,976,774+221,274+2%
15.  Pitbull9,162,669+218,603+2%
16.  Pirates of the Caribbean8,398,011+206,042+3%
17.  Snapfish201,319+201,319+0.0%
18.  Trey Songz10,932,424+197,266+2%
19.  Britney Spears13,042,547+190,981+1%
20.  Wiz Khalifa10,195,789+190,281+2%

As mentioned Amy Winehouse’s Page grew the most this week with 649,400 Likes in light of her death. Nicki Minaj’s Page grew by 416,400 Likes; she’s currently on tour with Britney Spears, whose Page grew by about 191,000 Likes. Kesha’s Page grew by 303,900 Likes, as she’s giving out free tickets to her concerts. Bruno Mars saw 244,400 new Likes, while Chris Brown’s award of free Spotify invites for fans attracted 221,300 Likes for his Page. Pitbull’s new single, combined with his tour and media posts, generated 281,600 Likes while Trey Songz’s new song gathered 197,300 and Wiz Khalifa added 190,300.

There were brands and other Pages on the list. Special K breakfast cereal has been providing users with a free diet app on Facebook, generating about 463,000 Likes in the past week. The Jesus Daily Page grabbed 414,800 likes, Dior’s Page saw 405,500, Turkish Beşiktaş saw 341,400 likes and the Japanese character Domo’s Page grew by 338,400, perhaps in part due to ComiCon or new merch. Snapfish photo service saw 201,300 likes this week, and the Page is currently running a free stuff promotion.

Movie and TV Pages also made the list in force this week. The “Titanic” Community Page grew by 382,600 Likes. Reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club” grew by 359,700 Likes, the “Captain America” movie saw 297,600 new Likes, a Turkish music Page,  Sagopa Kajmer, En Anlamlı Söz Yazan Rap’ci Diyenler … grew by 246,600 Likes and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie Page grew by 206,000 Likes.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.