Amy Winehouse, “Captain America,” Food Network, Walmart and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

About half of our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages this week were comprised of musical artists; the others included a handful of movie Pages, some TV-related Pages, Walmart’s Page, Jesus’s Page and a Turkish football team.

Pages on our list this week required 191,800 and 903,600 Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a Page each week.

1.  Amy Winehouse3,089,259+903,588+41%
2.  Titanic12,499,736+398,988+3%
3.  Aerosmith4,400,320+389,730+10%
4.  Jesus Daily7,827,098+380,544+5%
5. Beşiktaş341,384+341,384+0.0%
6.  DirecTV281,401+281,401+0.0%
7.  Food Network1,845,460+261,107+16%
8.  Bruno Mars10,219,516+251,929+3%
9.  Pitbull9,302,019+242,708+3%
10.  Captain America1,023,434+238,202+30%
11.  The Smurfs880,656+223,159+34%
12.  Chris Brown14,102,179+219,232+2%
13.  Kesha15,731,133+211,729+1%
14.  Erykah Badu1,565,900+204,027+15%
15.  Pirates of the Caribbean8,514,051+203,804+2%
16.  Wiz Khalifa10,316,313+203,372+2%
17.  Shrek16,114,329+198,892+1%
18.  Britney Spears13,151,040+194,640+2%
19.  Adele4,231,315+191,877+5%
20.  Walmart7,939,632+191,777+2%

Amy Winehouse’s Page continued to grow, 903,600 new Likes this week, in light of her untimely recent death. There were a few other musicians on the Page, such as Aerosmith with 389,700 Likes and Erykah Badu with 204,000, that seemed to grow as the result of Page consolidations. Aside from that, Bruno Mars saw 251,900 Likes, in part because he’s been updating with lots of photos from performances and about his award nominations; the singer’s Page was also award Spotify accounts to fans. Another singer on our list, Chris Brown with 219,200 Likes, also gave out Spotify accounts to fans.

Pitbull’s Page grew by 242,700 Likes as he promoted his concerts and events. Kesha posted lots of photos and her Page grew by 211,700 Likes. Wiz Khalifa’s Page grew by 203,400 Likes as he was nominated for some awards. Britney Spears, currently on tour, posted photos and videos to that effect and her Page grew by 194,700 Likes. Finally, Adele’s Page grew by 191,900 Likes.

Movie Pages made up a big chunk of the list, too. The “Titanic” Page, though, was the only Community Page on our list with about 399,000 new Likes. “Captain America” grew by 238,200 Likes, in part perhaps by posting exclusive Facebook video content in which stars answer questions from the Page. Then “The Smurfs” grew by 223,200 Likes as the film is currently in theaters. “Pirates of the Caribbean” grew by 203,800 by posting photos and promoting the pre-order of home copies of the films. Finally there was “Shrek” with 198,900 Likes.

Other Pages included the Jesus Daily religious Page posting multiple updates daily with 380,500 Likes, the Beşiktaş Turkish football (soccer) club that grew by 341,400 Likes, DirecTV’s charity-powered growth with 281,400 Likes, the Food Network with 261,100 Likes and finally Walmart with 191,800 Likes.

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