Amy Schumer, Bill Hader Bust Out of SXSW

Word is their rom-com is the bomb.

Never mind the questionable plot trope of a female New York journalist (Amy Schumer) sleeping with her male feature-profile interview subject (Bill Hader).

The Schumer-scripted, Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck quickly moves on from there to upend many rom-com conventions. Following last night’s SXSW rough cut premiere, the rave reviews today are quickly rolling in:

“Schumer is the real deal, and Trainwreck may be both the funniest and most important comedy we’ve seen in years.”
[Ryan Bort, Esquire]

“Apatow has always had a knack for casting unlikely leading men. But the director really hit it out of the park with Hader… His doctor is refreshingly earnest and supportive — he always tells her she’s beautiful, makes an effort to get to know her dad and even prioritizes her pleasure over his own in the bedroom.”
[Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times]

“The rift between the romantic leads comes from an organic place rooted in character, not some silly, externally manufactured misunderstanding. And that’s only one of many ways Trainwreck rises above its genre.”
[Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair]

The best part about the movie sneaking in March is that it’s too soon for anyone to start handicapping the film’s Oscar chances. The Universal release, which also features LeBron James playing himself, is slated for July 17.

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