Amusing Job Post Du Jour

MinnPost is hiring an assistant web editor. The nonprofit news site is offering this as a salaried position with benefits so if you are all about the intersection of journalism and the Web you oughta apply.

We dug the job description mightily. It’s conversational, not jargony, and yet it’s not cutesy either.

Among the bullet points:

  • “You know HTML and CSS because you love what you can make it do.”
  • You not only have loaded content in content management systems (CMS) before, but you understand how a CMS works — from headlines and bylines, to tagging, to asset management, to embedding video, to laying out tables with data.
  • You have experience working with digital maps, charts and other visualization of data.
  • Then there’s this one:

  • You know the difference between an “em-dash” and an “en-dash” and you know a little about “Anil Dash”

Also, follow the application directions—no phone calls or else “I will fire you before I hire you.”

This is one of those occasions when you really want to not be the applicant who picks up the phone to “stand out.”