Amp’d Mobile To Go Silent Tonight

Amp’d Mobile, one of the early stalwarts in mobile media that burned through $360 million in venture capital, might be shutting down entirely this evening, according to Engadget.

On Friday, the popular tech blog reported that Amp’d Mobile filed with a bankruptcy judge to sell its assets at auction “after discovering that it was unable to line up debtor-in-possession financing.” Amp’d was an entirely different proposition than, say, Verizon’s V CAST mobile TV service. In the case of Amp’d, consumers signed up for their cellphone through that company, and had Amp’d-specific handsets, plans, and channels to watch. Meanwhile, Amp’d had to license bandwidth from Verizon to make the service happen, something that ultimately proved to be too expensive.

Anyone using an Amp’d handset should figure out a backup plan in case the line goes dead tonight. For questions and answers about your Amp’d Mobile account, read this link on the company Web site.

Amp’d Mobile to shut down July 24 at 12:01am? [Engadget]