Ammunition Designs Headphones Inspired by Lady Gaga

gaga headphones.jpgWe haven’t run into pop sensation Lady Gaga this Fashion Week, but her presence has been felt (and heard) on the runways—thankfully, in subtle ways. This morning’s Michael Kors collection, for example, included mod dresses with transparent plastic insets sent out to Gaga’s “Poker Face,” which has also appeared on catwalk soundtracks in a stirring instrumental version. For those who want a piece of Lady Gaga but can’t pull off a pants-free look, design firm Ammunition has created headphones inspired by the musician’s Thierry Mugler-tinged aesthetic and apparent passion for high-performance audio accessories. “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga,” an offshoot of the line of headphones designed by the firm in collaboration with Dr. Dre, are earbuds adorned with squared-off metal triangles and equipped to deliver “pounding bass and incredible clarity.” For $99.95, the “plush travel case” they come tucked inside better be awfully plush. “Working with Lady Gaga, we have created something that expresses her very essence and soul,” said Ammunition founder and Apple alumnus Robert Brunner. No easy task, considering her poker face.

gaga B.jpg
(Photos: Ammunition)