AMI moves jobs around

American Media is reducing its California-based workforce. Last month, of course, AMI was forced to lay off media consultant Arnold Schwarzenegger from his freelance position. Now, the company is shifting about 20 jobs from Woodland Hills to NYC, reports the NY Post:

American Media Inc CEO David Pecker flew to California yesterday with news that about 20 jobs were being eliminated in the Woodland Hills office that was headquarters to the old Weider Publications.

The staffers have been told their jobs are moving East to New York City, including circulation people and the art and photo department of Shape.

Pecker, in a prepared statement said, “With more and more of our business being conducted out of our New York office, it made sense for AMI to consolidate these functions under one roof.”

A company spokesman insisted the staffers have been offered a chance to relocate, but few if any have ever accepted such offers in the past.

The Post also reports that Vince Scalisi, editor of Muscle & Fitness (which, of course, AMI owns via Weider) is resigning. No reason given. I’d love to find a way to link this to the Arnold incident, but of course, that would be total speculation.