America’s New Publicist Takes the Stand; James Glassman: “enemies are eating our lunch online”


James K. Glassman, nominee to replace Karen Hughes as the new Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy took the stand this week in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

For links to Hughes in the news, and to items explaining Glassman’s extreme form of influence as we previously characterized, click here.

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What emerged from the testimony is that Glassman–creator of the naysaying Tech Central Station–believes the U.S. needs to step up its online information efforts.

Our humble and outsider opinion is that shooting a few thousand new pages of text in to the wind won’t do much to raise the country’s standing in the world from now until GWBII is over, or alleviate tension within the State Deparment.

Take a peek at what’s already there by visiting State’s official blog DipNote, and the unofficial conservative counterpunch The Diplomad.

It’s also worth noting that State was an early adopter of The Newsmarket, an online distribution service for broadcast-quality news footage.