Americans Are Stupid — The Reality Game Show!

In their continuing effort to lobotomize the human race, AOL and reality mogul Mark Burnett have teamed up for an interactive reality game show that tests American’s pop culture knowledge.

They say $2 million is at stake for the winner of Gold Rush. But as their press release reveals, what contestants will really be fighting for are bragging rights to the title, “Biggest Waste of Gray Matter.”

To wit:

The shows producers commissioned Zogby International to conduct a poll of over 1,200 American adults to test their knowledge of pop culture versus facts about hard news, history and literature. The poll found that more Americans can name Snow White’s dwarfs than the Supreme Court’s justices.

Angelenos fared even worse than the nation as a whole (surprised?):

“86% of Los Angeles residents were able to correctly identify The Dodgers (60%) or The Angels (25%). In comparison, when asked to name one member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the area, only twenty-four percent (24%) could do so correctly. Congresswoman Jane Harman was the most identified with 4%, followed by Congresswoman Maxine Waters with 3%.”

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