Americans, Annoyed By Voting, Voice Outrage on Twitter

What, you thought we wouldn’t post any more election stories today? To all our readers who already voted: how annoying/rewarding was the whole process? Was it worth the “voter’s high”? Is that even a thing?

Reminder: We live in a democracy, and just as we have a right to vote we also have a right–nay, an obligation–to bitch about it! Or to celebrate it! We can’t seem to decide! Here, then, is a collection of fun/inspiring/informative/borderline offensive tweets from Americans who just can’t help but express their complex relationship with the act of voting.

How about some light humor?

And no, it’s not just Americans:

One last question: what do the world’s most prominent tweeters think?

Aww! So yeah, confession: we just wanted an excuse to scroll for tweets we liked. We hope Election Day 2012 doesn’t break Twitter as the pundits predict, because what would we do then, watch TV? Please.

And here, for good measure, is a cool post on the weirdest polling places in this country. They include: a casino, a roller rink, a garage, a diner, a mall, a hunting lodge and a greenhouse.