American Red Cross Releases Free Hurricane App

The American Red Cross is getting ahead of hurricane season with the release of a new app to help people who live in areas that are threatened by hurricanes prepare for heavy storms.

The free Hurricane app, which is available for both iPhone and Android platforms, is designed to give users access to information on how to prepare for a hurricane and what to do after one strikes. The app gives users real time information based on their location. It also has sharing functionality, so that users who may be in a hurricane zone can update their whereabouts and needs to family and friends.

A cool feature of the app, is the “I’m safe” message that a user can push to broadcast to their social media networks that they are okay. Users can also track storms with the app, which includes location-based NOAA weather alerts for the United States and its territories. And just in case something does happen, the app will help users locate open American Red Cross shelters (which will hopefully work before any wi-fi goes out).

The release of the hurricane app comes after Red Cross has already had some success with apps. The non-profit organization reported that its recently released Red Cross First Aid app has had almost 600,000 downloads in six weeks.