American Public Media Acquires Journo Crowdfunding Site Spot.Us

After three years of crowdfunding freelance journalists’ pitches to cover everything from corruption to crime to the environment, Spot.Us has been acquired.

American Public Media has acquired the site and will integrate it with its Public Insight Network, according to a release. Terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.

“Spot.Us and PIN both believe in the power of the independent voice in journalism – from both journalists and sources, making the acquisition an ideal move,” said Joaquin Alvarado, senior vice president of digital innovation at APM, in a statement. “PIN believes in the important work of Spot.Us and we will explore opportunities to continue to drive the effectiveness and relevancy of the site even further in the future.” founder David Cohn was less reserved in the email he sent out to site users, saying: “It’s going to be freak’n awesome!”

Cohn also assured users that the format of the site won’t change. You’ll still be able to pay freelancers for their great pitches the same way the site’s always worked.
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