American Media Gets Ready to Test Reality Weekly

Simon Cowell thinks it’s a great idea. But then again, The X Factor purveyor has a vested interest in the concept of a new weekly U.S. magazine devoted to reality TV shows and their stars.

According to a piece over the weekend in the New York Times by Jeremy W. Peters, the January launching mag will be priced at $1.79 and embrace that fact with the newsstand slogan “Less Money, More Fun!” Other concessions are also apparently being made:

The writing is big and blocky, and makes liberal use of exclamation points. “J. Lo’s Booty Scandal!” screams one headline on a prototype. “OMG! Seriously?” says another on an article about a contestant on The Bachelorette.

As far as magazine start-ups go, Reality Weekly is keeping costs tight. Because many of the pictures it will use will be from television, editors are able to rely generously on the fair-use doctrine, which allows for limited reproduction of copyrighted images.

The publication will be overseen Richard Spencer, who also edits the American edition of OK! for American Media. An initial 13-week test run is planned, with a weekly circulation of between 250,000 and 400,000.