American Institute of Architects Selects NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman as National Convention’s Keynote Speaker

Since we seem to be on a celebrity kick this morning, let’s turn to something a little different than those last couple of posts, in that 1) it’s about something that’s definitely going to happen and 2) it’s not negative news. The American Institute of Architects have named NY Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman as their keynote speaker for this year’s AIA National Convention. Apparently the theme of the annual event this year is to be all about getting more green, a topic Mr. Friedman is familiar with, having just written a book, Hot, Flat and Crowded, all about dwindling resources and the need for a “green revolution.” Here’s a bit:

“Having Mr. Friedman as our keynote speaker is an ideal representation of the theme, ‘Regional Design Evolution: Ecology Matters,'” said AIA President Clark Manus, FAIA. “With unprecedented growth in urban population, we are going to explore the opportunities that cities and their larger regions offer because of their advantages of scale and proximity. The essential fact is, design needs must be looked at not from the viewpoint of an individual building, but rather how buildings factor into a broader examination of community, regional and even global perspectives. Regional character will ultimately define the uniqueness of the place and ensure a sound economic underpinning.”

The convention kicks off on May 12th in New Orleans. You can read up on it here.