Tom Jones Gives George Hamilton a Run for His (Tanning) Money

Another season of American Idol is in the ratings books, and arguably more entertaining than last night’s season-winner vote drama was the end-of-broadcast appearance by 71-year-old dynamo Tom Jones. His rendition of “It’s Not Unusual” led to a generally enthusiastic Twitter storm, although grouchy media scribes are having none of it.

Judann Pollack of Ad Age is one of many paid watchers to take a shot at the golden brown sheen of the pantie collecting Brit, suggesting that the singer “needs to lay off the tanning bed.” Then there’s Randy Cordova of the Arizona Republic, who writes that he was “so startled by the color of Jones’ skin” that he thought perhaps the color settings on his TV had suddenly gone haywire:

It takes a lot of confidence to wear the above Crayola skin color, which explains–via Parade magazine–the lounge legend’s backstage banter. When he walked into the media room, he jokingly teased the gathered reporters with, “No applause?” Good for him.

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