American Idol Album Being Released Through Facebook Games (Updated)

Tomorrow, Capitol Records and Vanguard Records will release autographed pre-release CDs of American Idol winner Kimberly Caldwell’s album at a 60 percent discount through Peanut Labs’ Cherry Deals within a number of large Facebook games, weeks before the album goes on sale in stores. This new partnership highlights just how significant Facebook games have become within the global media industry.

Peanut Labs has been experiencing incredible success with their Cherry Deals product, an offers product which takes advantage of the massively popular group buying trend. According to the company, Cherry Deals now reaches over 80 million users, a substantial percentage of the total social gaming population. While I personally have not been following American Idol heavily, the program is arguably one of the most watched shows in the United States.

Closing a deal like this is a big win for Peanut Labs, who’s model has rapidly been expanded through a partnership with RockYou, and will most likely be copied by many others in the near future. With an existing network of publishers, Peanut Deals not only had the first mover advantage but also had a massive network that they could instantly push offers out to.

While we don’t have absolute numbers on the company’s performance over the past 12 months, I would argue that the success of Cherry Deals has catapulted Peanut Labs to the forefront of social application monetization. In an industry ripe with unethical business practices, Peanut Labs stands out as an innovative leader, providing creative monetization solutions, now including the launch of an American Idol album.

We’ve updated the post to clarify that RockYou’s sale of Cherry Deals’-like offerings was actually through a partnership with Peanut Labs.