American Greetings’ Apple Watch App Features an Emoji-like Taco

Company 'winks' at smartwatch users

Lines may be shorter than expected at stores today, but people are finally starting to get their Apple Watches. And when they do, they'll start downloading a bevy of branded apps—including, maybe, one from American Greetings.

The brand's justWink app sends out digital greeting cards and "winks," animated characters that resemble emojis and GIFs.

"One of the things about the watch is that [our app] wasn't just a me-too for your wrist—we offered a new line of products, which we call winks," said Lisa Wascovich, American Greetings' director of boutique brands at Digital Greetings.

Eight smartwatch-exclusive winks are launching on the app, one of which is a picture of a taco—earlier this month, social media blew up when Apple's new text keyboard didn't include a taco.

IPhone users have long complained about the phones not having built-in emojis. Taco Bell went as far as lobbying the Unicode Consortium and starting a petition.

To build off of that buzz, American Greetings and agency Mullen rented out a taco truck in New York and plastered it with Wink's branding, including the hashtag #ItsTacoTime.

The company's truck is parked outside of Apple's Fifth Avenue and SoHo locations today to lure in new watch owners, and tomorrow, it will stake out the store in the city's Meatpacking District.

The truck will dole out free tacos while plugging the app to new smartwatch owners.

However, it was all planned before Apple said last week that the watches may not be available in stores today.

"We were anticipating lines and being able to work with that captive audience, but we still think it's valuable tomorrow because people are going to be getting their watches [and] they're going to be excited to see which apps they can put on there," said Jaclyn Ruelle, vp and account director of PR and social influence at Mullen.

Wink is geared toward millennials, many of whom may not be able to cough up the $350 minimum for the device. So, American Greetings' street team is also giving out a few $400 Apple Store gift cards.