American Express Offers Zynga Virtual Goods as a Member Reward

Credit and charge card points can be used for just about everything: flights, event tickets, hotels, gas, online shopping, the list goes on. Now you can add one more thing to the list: virtual goods.

Zynga is entering into a new partnership with American Express for charge card users with Membership Rewards points to be able to buy a special Zynga goods. For now, there’s just a handful of possibilities, but the companies say they’ll be expanding the partnership in coming weeks.

Note that 100 points are about equal to a dollar, so judging by the above prices, buying limited edition virtual goods through Amex won’t be a great deal more expensive than getting equivalent goods with regular currency in the game.

This isn’t a hugely significant deal by itself, but it does show how widely social game companies are spreading their nets to accept different payment types. Zynga is one of the few companies with the necessary scale to attract a partner like Amex right now, but within a few years other companies are likely to have access to similar services.

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