American Airlines Delivers its Message in Soundbites

The dispute between American Airlines and seemingly everybody in the online travel industry continues to heat up. Tnooz reports that American has obtained a restraining order against Sabre and is alleging that the company has organized a “negative word-of-mouth campaign” against it.

“This has led to negative word of mouth campaigns — we believe coordinated by Sabre and other GDSs — particularly in social media, that question American’s motives, integrity and commitment to consumers,” the airline says.

The Tnooz story adds that “American didn’t provide any proof of its claim that Sabre and other GDSs coordinated a negative campaign against the airline in social media.”

Besides its action in court, American has put its manager of corporate communications, Tim Smith, in front of the camera for a package of images, soundbites, and b-roll.

“American Airlines wants to eliminate unnecessary costs from middlemen that are no longer needed because of American’s ‘direct connection’ technology,” the airline writes. The word “middlemen” is used a couple of times in the explanation.