‘Walking Dead’ Goes for Oversaturation Strategy

Say what you will about AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead” (slow plotting, community theater-level acting, not enough gore, yada yada), but the show’s marketing team certainly knows its way around a creative promo. The Season 3 PR blitz started two weeks ago with this (inevitable?) video of oblivious New Yorkers alternately shocked and amused by the coming zombie-ocalypse:

And the fun continued last week with the release of the show’s official Facebook game:

The gaming community’s response has been mixed at best, but does that really even matter? At the very least, this hit-em-from-all-sides strategy is a great way to get fans buzzing a full two months before the third season even starts. Oh yeah, here’s the official trailer (we can only assume they all die while searching in vain for a decent script):