The AMC/Dish Network Kerfuffle gets Snarky

The ongoing dispute between AMC and Dish Network that resulted in Dish’s 14 million customers losing access to the home of “Mad Men”, “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” early this summer isn’t showing any signs of resolution. In fact, in the above PSA-style ad, AMC takes its side of the argument to next level, appealing to viewers not affected by the dispute in an apparent effort to gin up some positive PR.

It’s basically the snarky, for-profit equivalent of those familiar ads for holiday season charity efforts: “You know how much you love your Thanksgiving feast AMC shows? Well, many others, perhaps even some in your very own neighborhood, aren’t as fortunate. Please consider inviting them into your home to share your dinner ‘Breaking Bad.'”

The ad then points out that Dish customers are still paying the same price for their TV packages as they were before AMC was dropped.

It’s part of a clever attempt to portray Dish as a big, greedy company simultaneously picking on the relatively small (and Emmy-nominated!) network and ripping off its own loyal customers. AMC might even inspire more Dish customers to use the loss of their favorite network as a bargaining chip with which to negotiate better deals that involve either more channels or lower monthly rates. So the video simultaneously zings the opponent’s reputation, rallies he home team troops, and encourages mutiny among Dish customers. Don Draper would be proud.

There’s no word yet on when/whether the dispute between the two companies will be resolved, so in the meantime, if you see a mob of lost, forlorn-looking people heading for your home, don’t go all “Walking Dead” on them, because they’re not zombies — they’re just frustrated, AMC-deprived Dish customers. So pop some popcorn and welcome your neighbors in for a viewing before their lives completely unravel in the absence of Walter White and Betty Draper. Seriously, have a heart.