Ambitious Lyrics Service Secures $3.7 Million in Funding

Highly ambitious lyrics database, musiXmatch, has just received a major windfall in the form of $3.7 million in series A funding — an amount that will no doubt help the company in reaching its goal of creating an “IMDB for music metadata”.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, musiXmatch has already announced plans to direct the funding toward expansion projects that will bring the application programming interface (API) to a wider audience. The company is currently hard at work on the development of iPhone and Android iterations of its service, something that will make accessing its database of roughly 5.3 million lyrics convenient for mobile users.

musiXmatch’s archive of song lyrics is designed for use in commercial products. The database, differentiated from unofficial lyrics services by being wholly legal and backed by major record labels, can be integrated into online music services that seek to bring their users access to readily available lyric and music information. musiXmatch already enjoys partnerships with industry giants like Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG, Sony ATV Music and others — collaborations that have served as the basis for growing the API into the largest official lyrics database to date. With considerable financial backing secured it looks like musiXmatch will now have the kind of monetary weight necessary for making the company’s lofty goals a reality.

And what does this all mean for you and I? Nothing less than the music afficionado’s dream of finally understanding what Kurt Cobain is singing in those Smells Like Teen Spirit verses.

To learn more about musiXmatch’s existing service, take a look at our previous coverage of the app or check out the official site.

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