Amazon’s Next Tablet Won’t be Called ‘Scratchpad’

But for a couple hours last night it looked like it might be.

The tech blog Fusible was looking  into Amazon last night and it discovered some recently registered website names. The names included URLS such as (as well as several variations on that name). Just to add a little extra spice, the URLs tracked back to Amazon’s legal department.

Fusible jumped to the reasonable conclusion that Amazon was grabbing all the names similar to its new product.  After all, it was going to need to protect its trademark, right? That would mean that “Scratchpad” could be the name of Amazon’s tablet.

The story only lasted a couple hours before TheNextWeb pointed out that some of the URLs included MWS, which stood for “Marketplace Web Services”, one of Amazon’s development tools.

Amazon’s legal department registered several domain names on the 25th of March, including and several variations that include the letters MWS — Amazon’s Marketplace Web Service.

The Amazon Scratchpad apps have long been available to developers as tools for testing various Amazon Web Service APIs without writing code for them, such as this one for EC2.

I’m not surprised. Once I heard that it was the legal department that registered the URLs, I knew it couldn’t be for the tablet. First, there’s zero proof that it exists, and second, Amazon is too secretive.

If Amazon wanted to do something without being noticed, it would set up a dummy corporation in Delaware. That is what is has done in the past. For example, the original Kindle trademark was first registered through an LLC set up in DE. Also, each of the times that the Kindle went through the FCC, Amazon created a new dummy LLC to hide it from everyone.

Amazon is much too secretive to openly register the URLs related to its next product. At the very least it would use a one of the domain service companies that promises anonymity.

image by RachelC