Amazon’s New Kindles On Preorder In The UK

Amazon’s new Kindles are available for preorder in the UK for the first time. UK residents can preorder the new eReaders directly from for the first time.
The UK prices are on par with the U.S. prices. The Wi-Fi version is 109 pounds and the 3G Wireless version is 149 pounds. Like in the U.S., preorders will ship in the U.K. beginning 27th August.
UPDATE: The Bookseller reveals a key point about the new device: “However, unlike in the United States where the top five publishers set their e-book prices, Amazon will dictate the pricing of its e-books and has promised they will be the lowest in the market.”
According to Amazon, the new Kindle is 21% smaller and 15% lighter than the previous model and it has a 20% faster refresh rate on its E Ink screen.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showed it off on Charlie Rose last night. Check out our live blog of the show.