Amazon’s Kindle Software Development Kit Available Today

Hey there App developers, start your engines! Early this morning, Amazon made its Kindle Development Kit (KDK) available for download to software developers. Of course, you’ve got to register and be approved by Amazon to download the Kit. You can apply here. The KDK is currently in a limited Beta phase.

The KDK supports two sets of APIs, Java 1.4 Personal Basis Profile, and a set of custom Kindle APIs, if that means anything to you. The KDK comes with a simulator, as well as permission to test apps on up to three Kindles before submitting to Amazon.

As far as pricing goes, Amazon promises at 70%/30% share, minus $.15/MB for download. And, Amazon also points out “that unlike smart phones, the Kindle user does not pay a monthly wireless fee or enter into an annual wireless contract. Kindle active content must be priced to cover the costs of downloads and on going usage.”

If any software developers out there download the kit and want to give eBookNewser their impressions, we’d love to hear them. Post in the comments or email us.