AmazonEncore to Publish Stephen Leather’s Novels

Stephen Leather, a successful author with 2 successful self-published titles in the Kindle Store, has recently announced that he’s been picked up by the AmazonEncore program. Starting in the next few months, Amaozn will take over the role of publisher for his bestselling e-books The Basement and Once Bitten.

This marks something of a change for Stephen, who had released these 2 titles as an experiment. He also has other titles published by UK based Hodder & Stoughton, a Hachette imprint. There’s no been no word on whether any of his 20+ thrillers might also be bought up by AmazonEncore, but that seems unlikely given that they all appear to be currently in print.

He’s been self-publishing these 2 titles since before Christmas, and he reports that he’s seen around 200 thousand sales. “Most of my sales have been in the UK, pretty much 90% in fact, and Amazon Encore will give me the chance to crack the American market for the first time, which I hope will produce a knock-on effect for my Hodder and Stoughton thrillers.”

Stephen’s blog via The Bookseller