Amazon Will Pull Confederate Flag Merchandise

E-commerce giant follows in Walmart's footsteps, per Reuters

If you searched "Confederate flag" on Amazon on Tuesday afternoon, you found pages upon pages of products that feature the unquestionably controversial stars-and-bars symbol of Southern rebellion.

But that probably won't be the case much longer. Reuters reported today that Amazon has decided to pull all items using the flag, which Southern troops in the 19th century Civil War rallied around as their states tried to secede from the United States and preserve the institution of slavery. 

Seattle-based Amazon's decision comes as the nation grieves the racially driven massacre of nine African-Americans at a South Carolina church last week. The move would also arrive a day after the state of South Carolina furled its own confederate flag on its capitol grounds.

Amazon follows in the footsteps of Walmart, Target, eBay and Sears in getting rid of the Confederate-themed products, according to