Amazon Uncovers, Covers, Uncovers, Covers, Etc.


Having worked in web miscellany here and there in our collective pasts, we know the secret movements a site sometimes goes through, as material gets moved on and off at random, only to be caught by a random passerby or those hitting “refresh” every few seconds. But it’s always interesting when you catch a big big name doing it. We’ve reported about Google tweaking their image search pages in the past, then quickly reverting back, and now here comes this story about Amazon every once in a while rolling out completely new designs, only to yank them back off, right away. We suppose that makes sense though. If you put something out there and you immediately have 50,000 unsuspecting users playing around with a new design, what better way to learn what’s working and what isn’t, to help you tweak things for the official big roll-out.