Amazon UK Adopts Agency Model

Amazon has been trying to control eBook pricing in the UK since they launched their Kindle UK store this past summer. But after UK publishers pushed for more control, Amazon UK is now offering the agency model that has been widely adopted by publishers on Amazon in the U.S.

The Bookseller reports: “ has moved on to the agency model in the UK with publishers Hachette, HarperCollins and Penguin now setting their own e-book prices. Customers buying an e-book from the Kindle store from any of the three publishers are told: “This price was set by the publisher.” A Penguin spokesperson said: “I can confirm we are now on the agency model with Amazon as of today.”

Amazon UK did not accept this model without putting up a fight. Earlier this month, the retailer published an open letter to UK consumers claiming that the agency model hurts prices and is not as consumer friendly.