Amazon To Sell Less Kindle Fires Than Expected: Pacific Crest

Amazon is expected to sell 2 million Kindle Fires in Q1 2012, which is less than the 2.2 units which has been predicted, according to Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley.

Bartley’s conclusions come from an intent-to-purchase survey that Pacific Crest conducted among consumers. Mac Observer has more: “In the brokerage firm’s Q1 survey, some 4.9 percent of respondents said they intended to buy a Kindle Fire tablet. In the Q2 survey, which was just conducted, that number had declined to 4.5 percent. This matches the analyst’s supply checks, which indicated a 10 percent month-over-month decline in component orders in February, and a further 15 percent sequential decline in March.”

Are you planning to buy a Kindle Fire? Why/why not?