Amazon to Add Social Gaming Features to the Kindle Fire

The next time you talk to yourself while playing a game on the Kindle Fire there might be someone to listen to you.

Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is planning to add some type of social network features to the Kindle Fire. The report is more than a little vague, but Bloomberg is claiming that inside sources have indicated that Amazon will “make it easier for developers to add social features to games for the Kindle Fire tablet, a person with knowledge of the matter said”.

That’s rather thin info, but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the leak is at least slightly in error. It seems more likely that Amazon would make these features available to any app sold through the Amazon Appstore, not just ones sold on the Kindle Fire. That would follow what Amazon has don in the past. Some time back Amazon started offering in-app payment options to any developer distributing through the Amazon Appstore, so I’m betting that Amazon will do the same here.

Amazon launched the Appstore a little over a year ago. Since that time it’s grown to include 43 thousand apps. the size might be significantly smaller than Google Play or iTunes, there are reports that the Appstore might be generating more revenue per user than either of its larger competitors.