LA Director Connects via Amazon Studios for $10,000 Win

Amazon Studios, the much ballyhooed movie development arm of, today announced the winners of its January contests. Among that group is Playa Vista based director Christian Davis, who landed $10,000 for a two-hour video recording that was judged Best Table Read.

The 43-year-old Davis connected via the service with 38-year-old Malboro, VT screenwriter Alex Greenfield, author of Memory, a thriller loglined as “Memento meets Se7en.” It’s the story of a former homicide investigator with a photographic memory who revisits his most traumatic case.

Davis got some actor friends together and shot the table read in about three hours. A few more hours of editing, and it was done… “Right now, I’m concentrating on the development of Memory,” he said. “I really think this script has a solid, commercial premise. I’ve never seen a hero like Nick. I’m especially excited to explore the visual potential of the script as the test movie develops.”

Three hours work and half the winning share works out to a pretty good hourly wage for all concerned. The other January Amazon winners were: Robert Hosking of Escabana, MI for Best Test Movie (Reminded, $100,000); Jason Ungate of Lakewood, CO for Best Script (America’s Ben Franklin in: The Electrocution String, $20,000); and Dan Hall of London, England for Best Script (74 Hours, $20,000).

(Website metrics determine pool of finalists, with final selections made by a panel of judges that includes Gil Cates.)