Amazon Should Build Kindle for Android Before the iPad Becomes Available

Is your enemy’s enemy your friend? In Amazon’s case, I think the answer is yes when considering the upcoming Amazon Kindle vs Apple iPad ebook battle. says…

Apple Stacks The Deck Against Amazon’s Kindle App

The deck stacking comes in the form of the ability of an iPad user to buy an ebook from Apple’s eBookstore directly from the iPad while Kindle app users have to wonder over to a desktop or notebook to make the purchase. Amazon could implement an in-app purhcase option in their Kindle for iPhone app. However, that would mean they would have to pay Apple a 30% cut in addition to the cut Amazon already pays to publishers.

So, what should Amazon do? For starter’s they should build a Kindle for Android reader. Several Android phones already have bright and reasonably large OLED displays that are great for reading text. In addition, there are Android slate/tablet type devices with larger screens coming to market soon that would probably make good ebook reading devices.